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Marshall ValveState 40V Model 8040 Combo

Regular price $365.00

I'm not going to beat around the bush here. This amp is pissed. It is an angry, angry amp. I don't know what it's been through in its previous life, but it has a chip on its shoulder the size of Dave Mustaine's ego. I'm rooting for it, but this kid is the kind of orphan that will try to kill your other children. 40 watts. 1x12" speaker. Made in England.

I saw a review of this amp online which is such a fantastic example of Google Translate writing poetry, that  I'm going to copy it below. I suggest reading it aloud, like any good poem. If you can have two people read it aloud in unison, I think it would be even better.

A classic combo 2 channels reverb prampli hp lamp with Celestion 12 "
only regrettable absence, a master volume, you must adjust the volume of the 2 channels


Configuration is very simple, I find two perfect channels, the clean channel
gnial is to test a guitar, really. I play with us and stratosphere
really mean anything, it is very beautiful
the saturated channel (with lamp prampli) sounds good, a little late, perhaps
I do not have the manual but I do not need either


As I have already said the two channels are all done exploitable, which is not the
For other marshall combos.
opportunity for the price around 300 euros, it's absolutely amazing
with a half volume for the clean and for the quarter saturated we can play with
a drummer.


Bought secondhand there 3 years for a hundred euros, is an amp that I will keep, never fails, no noise in the knobs, very compact, and I tried Valvestate other combos marshall (8240, 8080, SV30) all resold see anything ...
I'm on a tomb copy copy?
I find other valuations too low, that's why my evaluation
for this combo is 10.