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Orphan Guitars Custom FU #6 "The World’s Brownest Strat"

Regular price $2,100.00

It’s taken me over a year to put this fellow together. When I first opened the store someone came in and sold me a Frankenstein beater for a bit of cash. Turned out the thing had a Tom Anderson birdseye maple neck on it. I put the neck on the display table in front of me and looked at it for months until I realized what must be done. I had to build the world’s brownest strat. So I did. I ordered an ash body with a burl veneer and had a cool old guy in my hood finish it with inhumanly patient sanding and oiling. Then I had another friend, Damian Panitz of Sound Laboratories wind me three pups. I told him Hendrix in the bridge, Bell Bottom Blues in the middle, and the neck fat jazz. Some Wilkinson hardware, and a leather pickguard later, there he was. This is a very special one-of-a-kind guitar.

Local pickup only.