We are able to order any guitar from Vintage or Silvertone!!


I created Orphan Guitars because a certain kind of guitar store from my youth was missing from the city. Either a store is selling collector's items or useless hipster guitars or you end up in a soulless place that rhymes with Guitar Schmenter. I just wanted there to be a place like I used to go to when I was a kid. A place you could take your eighth grade graduation money or lawn mowing profits and have some old rock and roll soldier help you pick out a cool used guitar. THERE IS NO NEED TO SPEND A FORTUNE ON A GUITAR. You can get an amazing guitar for not too much money if you know what to look for. Since most people don't know what to look for, I decided to do the looking for them. 

Some proceeds from the shop go to giving free lessons and getting underserved kids and schools guitars. We'll also do free repairs for schools on the guitars they already have.

I don't hang anything on my walls I wouldn't use myself. We take any donations and are always open to hearing new ways to help get guitars into the hands of kids that can use them to change their world – or ours.

Thanks for the time,